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Clutch Repairs

Clutch Repairs

One of the most important repairs carried out in the car is the replacement of the clutch. Of course, the specialists employed in our workshop perform such tasks in a quick and perfect manner. This will translate into the correct operation of this element for a long time.

A clutch is an element that is responsible for connecting or disconnecting the engine and transmission. Without a smoothly functioning clutch, it is not possible to start the car and change gear while driving or stopping.

Clutch replacement is necessary when the clutch disc is worn, which is the operating element pressed by the pressure plate to the flywheel surface. Wearing its friction lining causes slipping of the disc and problems with transferring torque from the engine to the wheels. If we are dealing with a cable clutch, then a cable is worn out, the rupture of which will not allow further use of this component until it is replaced.

Thanks to our extensive experience, high qualifications and modern equipment, we can professionally replace any type of clutch regardless of the vehicle in which it is mounted. Professional replacement of such a coupling will make it work reliably for many kilometres, even in the case of heavy use. It is vital to maintain clutch in good condition, damage can lead to problems with transmission and it can immobilize your car.