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Company Car Fleet Maintenance

Company Car Fleet Maintenance

BB TECH AUTO provides comprehensive support for company car fleets in the field of bodywork, paint and mechanical repairs. Our full-service offer is addressed to business customers for whom a car is the main tool for working and running a business.

We work with fleet management companies as well as leasing companies. We have a modern equipped facility where we can carry out any repairs of the car, we offer professional service by competent mechanics and a friendly and open approach.

We provide our clients with non-cash maintenance services for vehicles of all makes.
The scope of services provided as part of the program includes:

• Periodic inspections

• Mechanical repairs

• Body and paint repairs

• Tire service

• Car diagnostics

• Technical inspections – NCT / DOE

• Service: door to door

• Liquidation of damages

• Towing


BB TECH AUTO offer for companies in the field of fleet services are the advantages and the specific benefits:

• Financial, because business customers receive significant discounts and a good price offer tailored to their specific needs, and the company - by outsourcing full service support - saves the time of its employees

• Organizational, because BB TECH AUTO deals entirely with the client's business fleet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in full range, caring for inspections, servicing and repairs.

• Image, because thanks to us, business cars are well cared for, always efficient, safe while driving, and this contributes to the construction of a good image of the company.

Our task is to ensure the maximum optimization and simplification of all procedures related to servicing of company vehicles, thanks to which you can optimize all service operations, reduce costs, improve the quality of service and save time.