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Detailing & Valeting

Car Detailing

BB TECH AUTO detailing offers you full auto detailing / valeting services both outside and inside the car. We carry out interior cleaning processes, washing upholstery, maintenance of leather and vinyl elements. We also propose correction of the varnish coat and protection of the varnish with natural, synthetic and ceramic coatings.

If you have a new car and would like to secure it before leaving the salon, please contact us. We will take care of your vehicle from the moment you buy it and help you to take care of it throughout the entire service life.

We also deal with events, premieres and exhibitions. The car prepared by us will certainly attract the attention of customers or visitors of the exhibition.

The services offered are very time-consuming and tedious processes requiring extensive knowledge and practical skills. We work with high quality car cosmetics and modern tools. Prices and range of services are determined individually after the inspection of the car.

Interior cosmetics

Vacuuming, cleaning of plastic and vinyl elements of the entire interior, washing floor coverings, washing the luggage compartment lining, washing the soffits, washing the seats and sofas (possibly cleaning and maintaining leather upholstery), cleaning floor mats, protecting plastic and vinyl elements, cleaning glass.

Refreshing paint

Car washing, degreasing of paint, removal of resin stains, tar, insects, removal of road strikes and inclusions, gluing, mechanical refreshing of the two-step varnish coating, varnish protection with wax or coating. The service is designed for car paints previously subjected to a comprehensive restoration of varnish, brand new or with delicate oxidation with a small amount of scratches.

Correction of paint

Car washing, degreasing of paint, removal of resin stains, tar, insects, removal of road rubbing and inclusions, gluing, 4-step polishing to remove up to 99% of damage, protection of the varnish with wax or coating. The service is intended for the paint of vehicles scratched from a car wash, with numerous damages, tarnishing.