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Vehicle Service

Vehicle Service

Changing the oil is a very important step that must be carried out regularly for your car to function properly. Engine oil ensures proper cooling and lubrication of the engine pistons, without which it simply cannot work properly, and in extreme cases, when the oil level is too low, the engine can be damaged, which will cost very expensive repair. So, if at the price of €80 you can give your motor a longer life without faults, why not? Engine oil is of the greatest importance in the case of short sections of the route during which we often slow down and accelerate, especially when moving around the city. When replacing the oil, we should remember, and to replace the oil filter, because the used filter does not fulfil its basic function, which is the cleaning of oil from micro-contaminants that negatively affect the operation of the engine.

Remember to exchange oil every 10-15 thousand kilometres remembering and using oils preferred by manufacturers of a given vehicle brand. Whenever changing the oil, change the filter as well. Never use oil for diesel engines in petrol engines and vice versa. Never try to change the oil yourself, because it is only a seemingly simple matter, and the low cost of the service makes it better to outsource this task to the specialists than to pay much more later for repairing the engine. When driving, try to avoid low engine speed because the engine running at low speed is characterized by significantly lower lubrication. Never disregard the flashing light indicating that the oil level is low. Choosing the right oil is critical to running your engine. The choice is so difficult that you must choose not only between different brands, but also the types of oils that the brands offer.

Oils are divided into synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. Synthetic have the highest parameters both in terms of working at the highest and lowest temperatures, but they are also the most expensive, semi-synthetic ones, which have an optimal price-to-quality ratio and mineral ones used mainly in older cars and having a low-quality factor. In our workshop we use only the highest quality oils, and the cost of the service is only €80 which includes oil, oil filter and air filter.

Our services:

• cleaning and regeneration of EGR exhaust gas recirculation valves

• electric power pumps

• alternators and starters

• Replacing brake calipers, disks and pads

• periodic inspections

• preparing the car for NCT

• repair of the brakes, suspension and steering

• exhaust system repair (welding, replacement of silencers, flexible connectors, etc.)

• oil and filter replacement

• engine reconditions

• gearbox repair

• timing belt/chain replacement

• repair in the field of electrics and car electronics

• welding services