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Timing repairs

Timing Repairs

Our specialists have appropriate knowledge, extensive experience and access to equipment that allows for professional exchange of timing system. This type of service is performed very quickly, but at the same time maintaining the highest possible level of accuracy. High accuracy is of great importance in this case because timing is a very important element of the internal combustion engine.

Timing system plays a very important role in modern engines assembled in motor vehicles. It is he who is responsible for the proper inflow of air-fuel mixture to the cylinders and for removing products of its combustion from them. Thanks to the timing, the car generates adequate performance.

Generally, the engines use timing gears with flexible toothed belts and chains. We deal with the exchange of both types. Of course, in the case of timing chain, the working time is longer, but we ensure maximum efficiency thanks to our extensive experience and modern equipment.

Regular timing replacement will avoid serious engine failures. Generally, the replacement periods depend on the type of engine and its manufacturer. Frequently, periods of 70k to even 100k km / 45k to 60k miles are given.

The timing is responsible for the proper inflow of the air-fuel mixture to the cylinders and for the discharge of exhaust gases from them. Thanks to it, the vehicle behaves dynamically and generates adequate performance. Of course, timing elements wear out over time and with more and more kilometres driven. Therefore, regular replacement is necessary because a broken timing belt or other damage to the system can lead to a very serious and costly engine failure. Our company offers professional timing exchange services. This service is carried out accurately and quickly.