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Engine Recondition


We provide comprehensive repairs of diesel and petrol engines for all brands of cars. When performing engine regeneration, we replace worn parts using new ones, repairing all faults in drive units.

We have been renovating engines for 10 years, serving direct customers as well as we cooperate car dealers and other workshops in the field of motor refurbishment for their clients.

BB TECH AUTO provide a warranty for all refurbished engines. By entrusting us with your car you can be sure that you leave it in the hands of professionals with experience.

We obtain spare parts not only in the Republic of Ireland but in all countries of the European Union. BB TECH AUTO constantly cooperate with manufacturers of engine parts like bearings, gaskets, pistons and cylinders in Germany and Poland.

Engine heads are often damaged due to overheating of the engine and "blown" of the head gasket, damaged timing belt or chain or burned out due to too much fuel desired by the injectors.

The scope of work related to regeneration of the head includes all the activities listed below:

- Finger head skimming

- Skimming of exhaust and intake manifolds

- Valve seat machining - milling and lapping

- Sanding of valves and regulating plates

- Replacement of valves and valve seals

- Welding heads

- Reconditioning / Checking Diesel Injectors and Pumps

Each head regeneration service is confirmed by a leak test.

During the engine recondition, we do the following:

- Replacement of piston rings

- Cylinder sleeve replacement / cylindrical grinding

- Complex engine head refurbishment

- Replacing the crankshaft main bearings

- Replacement of connecting rods

- Replacement of engine gasket set

- Replacement of the complete timing system